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HD Loader Package

HD Loader Australia

Welcome to the official Australian site & store for HD Loader - the #1 solution for backing up and managing your PS2 games! Using the console's hard drive add-on capability, games are backed up to hard disk.

How does it work?

With the HD Loader kit, you run games off the hard drive. You only have to backup your games to the hard disk once, then all your games are immediately accessible from the hard disk. Note: HD Loader is not compatible with the new slimline PS2 (SCPH-70000).

Hard Disk Installation

Why choose HD Loader?


HD Loader doesn't require you to open the console and void its warranty. No more worrying about getting a repair bill for your new console.

Game Loading Speeds

Running games off the hard disk, games load much quicker - like the old days with cartridge games. No more waiting about for the console to read data off the disc.

Highest Compatibility Level

HD Loader is compatible with all but a small handful of games. Unlike 'modchips' which render your console useless to play all online games, HD Loader allows you to use the console with any game.

No Installation Costs

You only pay for the equipment, not for somebody to install a cheap little chip.


Unlike illegal 'modchips', you also don't risk breaking the law with bypassing the console's security mechanisms which allow illegal copies.

Extend Console Life

Most 'modifications' do 2 main things to your console:

  1. They increase the chance of failure with a foreign item often taped or floating free within the console.
  2. They increase the load on the laser, causing failure much sooner and an expensive repair bill ($150+).

HD Loader does the exact opposite, your laser will now be on a vacation - your console's life span shall increase dramatically.

For more information check the Product Information and FAQ page.

HD Loader Case and Disc

Where to Buy

You can either purchase HD Loader directly through us or through one of our resellers. We ship direct to your house and also have sales agents nation-wide.

Need Support

If you need help using HD Loader, check out our Hardware Installation or the Software Guide and the FAQ. If you're still stuck, please contact us.